High Quality Inverters Manufacturer in China

Jie Fei Yu International Trading Company Ltd. is famous for providing hi-tech products. We also have experience of more than ten years in the manufacturing sector with a highly equipped factory. We have been spending heavily on the research and development department to achieve excellence with strong technical force and large-scale production capacity.

We are renowned as a high quality inverters manufacturer. Our inverters are multi-functional; they worked as a generation of alternation current (AC) for operating electrical appliances. It also converts batteries power to AC power by using a grid.

It is a compact, rectangular-shaped piece of equipment that is usually powered by either a combination of batteries that are hooked together. Modern inverters have caused a revolution in the way we live with independent power systems.

Inverters Supplier in China

Our range of best inverters consists of reliable and efficient devices that come in a variety of sizes and power, to meet the needs.

Uses of Power Inverter

01: Quality inverters aren’t just for vehicles – if you have a small cottage or outhouse, they’re beneficial for setting up a small power source there.

02: Our power inverters come with USB ports, useful for charging on the road without having to cart around adaptors and large plugs.

We as the best inverters supplier in China aim to offer inverters that are more affordable and consume less power. These are good for everyday use. It has two two-pin AC sockets and one three-pin AC socket. There are two cigarette lighter sockets, and cigarette lighter plug wire input. We supply DC voltage display that is totally optional.

We as a high quality inverters manufacturer make sure that our multi-functional inverters consist of 150W output, 12V or 24V optional. They work best for protection when overvoltage, under voltage, overload, overheat, short circuit and reverse connection. For any inquiries or information, feel free to contact the best inverters supplier in China.

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